This Is Why You Need At Least 30 Minutes Of Love Making

Published August 12, 2022 tag category
This Is Why You Need At Least 30 Minutes Of Love Making

Strip Clubs and Pole Dancing

One of the things strip clubs are most known for is the pole dance. Although it may seem like a more modern activity, to some, it has a very deep and interesting history that dates back many years ago. Something similar to this popular form of movement began centuries ago during the 1100s, as a celebration of fertility.

How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman – Here’s A Unique Technique That’ll TURN HER ON During Foreplay

In this article you’ll discover an amazing FOREPLAY TECHNIQUE that you can use to turn your woman on and greatly increase her sexual excitement. If you want to SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman, part of the process is giving her great foreplay, so read on now and start having better sex tonight…

You Don’t Need Hormones to Have a Successful Intimate Relationship – You Need Self-Awareness

Scientists have found that the hormone oxytocine, which causes the production of nursing mothers’ milk, makes men more sensitive and responsive and improves their sexual performance in bed. But you don’t need to resort to hormones in order to have a good relationship. Instead, what you need is Self-Awareness: learning about yourself and understanding what you need to do in order to develop and improve your intimacy.

Permanent Orgasm Denial FAQ

Permanent orgasm denial is a hot topic — in more than one sense of the word, too. First, it’s hot because in the male chastity community it’s often considered to be the “holy grail”, and something a surprisingly large number of men aspire to. Alas, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion about what male chastity and permanent orgasm denial really are, and that leads many men and women (in particular) to decide it’s not for them even before they’ve tried it or even given the very idea a fair hearing. So in this FAQ I answer some of the most common and pressing questions I get asked about male chastity and permanent orgasm denial.

Forced Chastity Stories – Real or Not?

I love forced chastity stories… they’re like pulp smut for the easily shocked. They make me laugh after a hard day. I love how the woman is such a domineering little witch and her poor, sad hubby is forced into submission and must jump at her every command. It amuses me to no end. Because it’s a lie. And here’s why…

Female Led Male Chastity

Female-led chastity is a hot topic, and I get asked quite often why anyone would want to practice it. In this article, I share with you EXACTLY why so many women come around to the idea of keeping their men chaste and orgasm free for long periods of time… and sometimes, like I do with my husband, forever.

Cuckold Chastity: Pros and Cons

I know cuckold chastity seems like the best of both worlds. In fact, it might be the ultimate fantasy for you. Cuckold chastity is when the woman has her man in chastity and then takes on another lover to please her. It can be a great decision, it can please all of your voyeuristic intentions, and it can be oh so thrilling and titillating. However, the fantasy aside, let’s look at the pros and cons in this article.